our healthy initiative

There is so much disinformation and unhealthy activity in our industry. Over 15 years ago we made the decision to rid our shop of all dyes and stains, and find natural methods. This is why we only use natural woods where color is required. Even if you are using spray booths, you are still promoting the use and production of dangerous solvents and packaging involving petrol input.

While doing some research work for a top green initiative real estate firm in the NYC area, along with what we had learned from years of study and trial, we formulated the main tenets of our healthy initiative.

•eliminating offgassing

•eradicating the use of solvents for the benefit of both manufacturer and end customer

•use of natural materials in place of products requiring petroleum based chemicals

•fabrics that are natural or that have special technologies to reduce both offgassing and help to eliminate microbials

•reduce allergen response as a way to lessen the respiratory impact of products

•ergonomically correct positioning and exploring positioning that allows both primary and ancillary muscles to relax

•creating furniture to inhibit stress or to destress

This list for us is constantly evolving. On the physical side, we think our furniture yields the lowest VOC footprint possible. What we want to explore more is having furniture where there is more interactivity with the body to allow one to destress and be at a more relaxed position from a muscular tension standpoint. Using certain pillows at particular angles may fire muscles so that one is actually putting the body in a position of stress via muscular fatigue whilst prone. We are also developing something that will help to shelter the person, if temporarily, in a seating unit that will be a cocoon of sorts. To us, this is the future of furniture as manufacturers have to be responsible and proactive to the bad practices of our industry and to remain relevant with what are long term secular trends in both fitness and health.

Feel free to contact us at bagnatocompany@gmail.com to offer your viewpoint or any questions on the above.